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  • Pizza Muffins

    Pizza Muffins

    Pizza Muffins are stuffed with veggies and taste amazing. Soft, light, delicious and loaded with cheese, these pizza muffins are a great alternative for when you’re craving pizza but don’t want all the carbs.

  • Calzone Pockets

    Calzone Pockets

    Calzone Pockets are pizza’s underrated cousin – strange, considering these half-moon folded-over pizzas. Calzone Pockets are stuffed with even more mozzarella and smell of something divine including freshest ingredients from melting cheese to rich tomato sauce.


  • Muesli Honey Cookies

    Muesli Honey Cookies

    Our Muesli Honey Cookies are a glorious mix of crunchy muesli, almonds, oats and organic honey. Treat your family, friends and kids to a healthy snack with these nutritious cookies.

  • Nan Khatai

    Nan Khatai

    Nan Khatai is a combination of the Persian word ‘Nan’ (bread) with ‘Khatai’, which in north-east Iran and Afghanistan is a type of biscuit. Nan Khatai are delicately flavored with cardamom and are brilliant served with a cup of tea.

Dry Cakes

  • Banana Walnut Cake

    Banana Walnut Cake

    This homely and wholesome Banana Walnut Cake is light and moist, with the natural sweetness of ripest bananas and the warm tastiness of walnuts. A rich, nutritious Banana Walnut Cake will taste delicious any time of the day.

  • Dil Pasand / Dil Khush

    Dil Pasand / Dil Khush

    Dil Pasand / Dil Khush are yummy; well-known for its taste, freshness and delight.  These soft and fluffy pie are filled with a sweetened mixture of coconut, tutti-frutti and nuts which makes it taste even more delicious.